Welcome to The Mindful Journal Club

A Journaling Journey — Taking Life One Mindful Step at a Time

The Mindful Journal Club

A safe, mindful, and supportive community for journaling, soul journeying, inner peace, sharing your story, and living in wholeness

The Mindful Journal Club is more than just a place to write; it's a space to connect, reflect, and transform. Here, we'll host journaling and mindful wellness sessions, and share mindfulness, guides, self-care tips, stress management tools, and techniques for improving mental health.


Welcome to the Mindful Journal Club, where we unite individuals—both budding and seasoned—in a compassionate community focused on personal growth through journaling. We aim to create a serene yet vibrant space where you can engage in live journaling sessions, exchange thoughts, and deepen your practice of mindfulness and self-reflection.

Why Should You Join?

In the clamor of daily life, moments of stillness are like gold. If you're seeking a safe space to rediscover yourself, cultivate mindfulness, and find comfort in a nurturing community, this club is your new home. No matter where you are on your self-discovery journey, we’ve got a variety of resources to guide, uplift, and inspire you every step of the way.

Learn About Our Membership Perks

Join our supportive community committed to creating a better, high-vibrational, and peaceful life for themselves — one mindful step at a time.

Free Members

Weekly doses of inspiration and growth

  • Weekly Journal Prompt & Mindful Tip: Start your week on a thoughtful note with journal prompts and mindful tips.
  • Live Journal Sessions: Attend our real-time journaling sessions.
  • The Mindful Library (Limited Access): Dive into select articles, videos, and more to nourish your soul.
  • Access to Mindful Wellness Sessions: Experience wellness through curated mindfulness activities.
  • Access to Shop Discounts: Pamper yourself with mindfulness-related products at a discounted rate.

Monthly Members

Elevate your journey with exclusive bonuses

  • All Free Membership Perks
  • Digital Welcome Kit: Kickstart your journey with guides crafted to help you get the most out of the club.
  • Full Access to The Mindful Library: Unrestricted access to an ever-growing well of mindfulness resources.
  • One (1) Seasonal Giveaway Entry: Who doesn't love freebies? Enter our seasonal giveaway for a chance to win exclusive mindfulness goodies.
  • Journaling Resources: Download journals, challenges, guides, and more to aid your personal exploration.
  • Curated Library of Mindfulness Practices: Dive deeper into mindfulness with a curated selection of guided practices, meditation sessions, and more.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of mindfulness? We invite you to join us in this loving community as we journey towards a more aware, compassionate, and joyful life. 🌿